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Preserve The Memory Of Your Loved One

Monuments and headstones are everlasting. Lyons Monument Company understands the importance of memorialization. They tell who we are and where we come from, so finding the right one is exceptionally important. We offer a wide selection of monuments in various styles and materials so you can find the best one for your loved one.

Flat Style Monuments

This style of monument rests very low, or flush to the ground. There are some cemeteries that require this type of monument to be used for both a uniform appearance as well as ease of mowing.

Slanted Monuments

Slanted monuments are a form of upright monument that slants upward for ease of reading.

Bench Monument

Often used as a memorial as well as a grave marker, bench monuments are a comforting place to sit peacefully and reflect on memories shared.

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments utilize a large front face (or tablet), and are a good choice for long, engraved inscriptions or flourishes.

Bevel Monuments

Much like the flat style monuments, beveled monuments rest low to the ground, but are slanted or beveled.

Cremation Monuments

This type of monument includes a small space (or niche) to permanently house the ashes of the departed.

Pet Markers

No request is too much for us, even for your beloved pets. We can customize a marker for your pet with personalized messages and engravings. Every life no matter how big or small, should be recognized and we are here to honor that code.

Veteran Monuments

Military memorials honor the brave men and women who have protected our freedom. Our veteran monuments remember the heroism of our veterans and pay special tribute to their bravery and sacrifice.


We can bring the original shine and beauty to any memorial that has deteriorated through the years. Our specialists will carefully repair any damaged areas and restore missing elements.


Overtime, monuments can begin to sink or lean due to shifts within the ground. To ensure that your monument stays upright, we remove memorials and level the surface area with a new granite foundation before placing the monument back.


Curbing creates a unique concrete border or frame around monuments. Not only does this add an attractive feature to memorials, but it also helps to protect monuments from surrounding elements.


This is a traditional technique seen in many monuments; it removes the polished surface areas of granite to engrave lettering and basic designs. This method creates very defined etch work so you can expect it to last longer than other techniques however, there is a limit on the level of detail that can be achieved with this approach.


Unlike sandblasting, laser etching allows the artist to finely engrave very detailed lettering and images such as a laser etched portraits. This technique is typically less expensive then traditional methods but does not maintain the same level of longevity as sandblasting.